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Sophie Effect

Hi! I Am Sophie Deram, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a French accent!
My twin passions for over 20 years have been the science of nutrition and the neuroscience of eating behavior.


Transform Your Beliefs

We are bombarded all the time by new information and tips on nutrition and eating habits. In this module, we will take a break to reflect and to make peace with our food. Your transformation begins here.

Transform Your Food

In addition to learning more about nutrition, you will discover Nutrigenomics, a new science that will help emphasize the importance of paying attention to food quality.

Transform Your Brain

Your brain controls everything, including your weight. Understand why it is important not to stress your brain with dietary restrictions. We will talk about factors that influence your weight, the different types of hunger and we will also introduce you to Neuroscience.

Transform Your Kitchen

I have three tips for you: “No restrictive diets”, “Eat real food” and “Cook”. Cooking is very beneficial, as proven by research. In this module, I will give you tips to make your life easier and show how you can cook on a day-to-day basis without having to be, or hire, a four-star chef.

Transform Your Behavior

When it comes to improved eating quality, your behavior is as important as the nutrients themselves. Here, I will address topics of Sociology and Neuroscience to help you reflect upon and improve your transformation.

Transform Your Life

Here I will list 7 (seven) secrets to consolidate your transformation. They are the keys that will help you fully transform your life by allowing you to make peace with your body and changing your eating patterns to enable you to reach a healthy weight while rediscovering pleasurable eating.

Sophie Effect

Comprehensive program to change your relationship with food. It will help you understand the messages that your body sends, such as hunger and satiety. Through videos and online materials, you can achieve balance and rescue the pleasure of eating. Respecting your own pace, reaching your healthy weight will be a gradual and non-restrictive path with lasting results.

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“The ‘Sophie Effect’ was like this to me: …I can eat what I want, when I want, any way I want, as much as needed, and I no longer need…

Luiz Roberto P. Targa

“Having fought the scale and failed at various other methods, I came to the conclusion that I needed to go back to having a normal relationship…

Jordana Theophilo Oliveira

“I LOVE YOU!!!! Dr. Sophie! … I am so proud to be part of the Sophie Effect…!! It is so very complicated how things have become in our society…

Diana DuRoss

“I’m going into the third week and have already lost weight! I am so happy! Filling out the diary is a very interesting experience and hiking…

Virginia Rafael

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Already more than 25,000 copies of the original sold in Brasil! The bestseller where I explain why you should say no to diets and make peace with food instead. Eat with pleasure and find your way to a healthy and sustainable weight loss!

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I lecture at universities, at national or international events, at companies and for groups. They are scientific lectures for health professionals, or informational and motivational talks to the general public, as well as lectures on food market trends, consumer habits, among others.
I can lecture in English, Portuguese or French.

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